Waiting, marble, H26cm

Melting , marble, H13cm

Lying Figure, marble, H8cm

Lying figure, marble, H10cm

Torso, limestone, H51cm

Lying figure, limestone, 15 x 22 x 33cm

Walker 2, limestone, H47cm

Flat form 2, limestone, H80cm

Rising, combined marble, H47cm

Intertwining, combined marble, H20cm

Mother, limestone, H45cm

Torso, marble, H36cm

Torso, marble, H10cm

Thin form, limestone, H80cm

A hug, marble, H45cm

Pandora's box, marble, rope, light source inside, 29 x 15 x 15cm

Taming, marble and rope, 10 x 10 x 10cm

Knot, height: 2 meters, marble
(International Sculpture Symposium in Danilovgrad , Montenegro)

Dragging, marble and rope, 20 x 19 x 6cm

Tied form, limestone and rope, 10 x 10 x 10cm